" Le fatigue en route to LA "

30/09 # ///are you moving to LA////   ( face )  

He’s such a loser! I Can’t believe I’m marrying him.

30/09 # :)   :D   ( knee socks )  

Chanel - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015

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30/09 # ( face )   yES  

im sorry i’ve not been on so much, just a lot going on with myself and my family atm — also it’s a busy month and my course starts on saturday, i’ll try and keep on though ;)

29/09 # if anyone actually cares hAHA LAUGH THROUGH IT   ooc  
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 “Got fully made up, fell fully asleep. #heyparis #partynap @chanel” 

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Munday thanks

29/09 # again so freya can like it   ooc  

[29/09/2014 17:15:37] mom: IM A WEECK
[29/09/2014 17:15:42] mom: I LUV JAMIE T SI MUCH
[29/09/2014 17:15:45] qυєєη c: weeck
[29/09/2014 17:15:50] qυєєη c: soph is a weeck
[29/09/2014 17:15:52] mom: IM SOD
[29/09/2014 17:15:55] qυєєη c: sod
[29/09/2014 17:15:58] qυєєη c: ur a sod
[29/09/2014 17:16:00] mom: DNT TOUXHE ME
[29/09/2014 17:16:06] qυєєη c: touxhe

29/09 # ( something about white people and rugs )   friends point out each other mistakes   beidhormrith   ooc  

“oh my god you are the funniest person ever” said me to me

29/09 # same   ( celiaisms )  


           She’s just got back from a particularly cruel, particularly sadistic client, so whatever marks you see on her skin - don’t ask about them. They’ll fade in a few hours, but still, the shame of her occupation lingers as long as they do. She’s perched on a stool nearby The Haus, not really wanting to go inside just yet. Emma chews on her lip - looking considerably miserable. 

                         It’s not even sunny today.

   she dresses like one of the boys, minus the pigtails and black fedora hate though, that’s her personal twist on the Huas boys style — but you know that hat is going to end up on one of their heads, but first it’s plonked on emma’s head. “—‘ello good looking,” she smiles, adding even more ‘london’ to her english accent. 

            “what a miserable day to be sitting outside, yesterday was nicer.”

29/09 # biirdbone   (v; main)   hoLDS YOU so perfect :)  

Munday thanks

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29/09 # looking 100% more like a ahs coven witch these days   thats what im aiming for tbh   ooc  

29/09 # fINALLY GOT NEW EYELINER   AND A NEW LIP STICK FOR AUTUMN   YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANSS   SSSSEEELLLLFFFIIIEEE   also went out with no make up on today   and i felt good   gOOD   nice nice feelings today   ooc  

My father used to say: ‘Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.’

-Desmond Tutu (via rusol)

29/09 # MY DAD SAYS THIS TOO   ( celiaisms )